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What Do People Think of A Christmas I Remember?

"Your book is a beauty....  Congratulations on this luscious confection of a book!"  Barry Farber, The Barry Farber Show, radio host, author, and World Net Daily Commentator

"A Christmas I Remember by Deirdre Tolhurst is a wonderful rhyming story that reminds readers of the magic of Christmas.  Excitement fills the air as the anticipation of Santa's arrival is on the minds of all girls and boys. "Mary wanted a jewelry box, a pretty one in blue. Terry wanted bicycle, a three-speed racer you know. I just wanted a folk guitar, wrapped in a fancy bow." But, this Christmas Eve the snow is mounting and the little girl is fearful that Santa won't be able to find her house. Her father diligently works to clear a path, but will it be enough?  The illustrations are enchanting and visually enhance the feeling of elation found throughout the story.  A Christmas I Remember will delight young readers while also sharing the true meaning of Christmas. It's a special story that parents should share with their children each holiday."  Stacie Theis (San Diego book reviewer)

"It's Christmas Eve and a blizzard brings heavy, blinding deep snow to Deirdre's town. It is beautiful to gaze upon, yet the little girl wonders if Santa can make it through the storm. She watches out her window as her dad shovels snow that keeps piling right back, but falls asleep, despite her worries, and awakens on Christmas morning.  Deirdre Tolhurst shares her own remembrance of such a Christmas storm and the miracle that transpires that Holiest of nights--one she shares only with her dad. She narrates the magical Season in a lyrical poem that will entrance young children when read to them, as well as older children, who, while reading, can learn to appreciate the beauty of both poetry and a delightful story.  The glossy, sturdy pages are firm enough to hold and withstand the attention of curious toddlers who will be fascinated by the lovely illustrations. Accompanying the book is a free audio book digital download which can lull the smallest of children to sleep with dreams of Santa's toys on the Eve of the Christ Child's birth. Adults reading this book will smile in remembrance of their own special Christmases past, as they share this sweet tale with children and grandchildren. This is Deirdre's first children's book, hopefully one of many more to follow."  Reviewer: Micki Peluso, writer, journalist and author of . . . And the Whippoorwill Sang 

"This reminds me of the books I used to read as a child--so comforting and traditional. Both the illustrations and the verse evoke nostalgic memories of Christmases past complete with snow falling, burning fires, and family. A wonderful book for families to read together!"  Sandra McLeod Humphrey, Children's Author

"What a heartwarming story of a wonderful Christmas memory between a little girl and her father.  Sure to become a Christmas classic that will be revisited every year.  Love it!"  Radcat

"I have just finished reading A Christmas I Remember for the third time.  I am delighted with this story.  Not only does this story showcase the bond the father has with his family, it also reminds us of the dedication that Our Father has for all of us.  This book will definitely be added to our Christmas tradition."  CJ

Felicia, age 9

"I went home last night and the first thing I did was read your book. I loved, loved, loved your book! It was so cute and reminded me so much of my anticipation of Christmas morning when I was a little girl. Deirdre it was such a sweet book. You did such a great job! I always knew you had talent." Marcia

"While the target audience is children - this is a book that we can all relate to - big and small!  We can all remember a Christmas from our past, the gifts we got, the family bond, and the fond memories that were created in those precious moments.  This book encompasses everything that our culture identifies with as it relates to Christmas.  The weather, Santa Claus, and the celebration of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.  It warms the heart with the projection of innocent emotion as the author explores her childhood understanding of her father's loving devotion on a number of levels.  It is sure to become a timeless classic in our holiday collection."  Ashley

"What a precious story!  I was excited when I read the names of your siblings!  I could hear you telling me this story!  What a wonderful gift you have!  Your prose is intriguing and encourages the reader to continue."  Genie

"A Christmas I Remember by Deirdre Tolhurst is a very enjoyable book whether you have small children in the house or not. Even if you never lived in a snowy climate as a child, it will still probably remind you of the anticipation you felt on Christmas Eve. The illustrations are very pleasant and tasteful. The e-book version is read by the author and is evocative of childhood memories and calming as well. I recommend this as a modern traditional Christmas classic that will serve well as a good bedtime story for children."  George

"I just love this book and can't wait to read it to my children on Christmas Eve. It will be a tradition that we will keep going until they are adults and then they can read it to their children. Deirdre's descriptive style brings the reader from the bitter cold right into the warmth of her bed. I love reading her words and look forward to her future works! "  Wally

"This book touched my heart and brought me back to when I was growing up. I bought it for my granddaughter and she just loves it. This is truly an inspirational author and I can't wait for the next book to hit the shelves."  Lacynda

"I grew up in the Northeast and lived this story many times over. Snow on Christmas Eve, worried Santa would not be able to make his rounds, watching my dad shovel snow through a frosted window, myself too young to help and worried Dad would not be able to finish in time. What fond memories this book brings and the author's words paint the scenes so well. This is a book that you will read to your children over and over again."  Mike

"Deirdre Tolhurst is a long life friend that I have known for over thirty years. She is an accomplished writer, her latest adventure is her published children's book "A Christmas I Remember". Reading her book immediately takes me back to many-many Christmas eves and Christmas days spent with my family as a son, grandson, father and grandfather. Deirdre is a devoted Christian and closes her book with the 'real' meaning of Christmas. May God Bless You."  Gene

Highly recommended, share it with your kids!   A great book to read to the kids as you gather around the fireplace on Christmas Eve. Could be the next "Night Before Christmas"! Railfan

What People Are Saying About Dear Child of Mine:

There is a mystery between a mother and her child. It is universal. It is eternal. From conception to birth, Deirdre Tolhurst leads new mothers through a daily devotion with her child. There are three sections for mothers. One describes what is going on with her body. The second leads mothers to read the daily devotion to her child. Third is the section where a mother may write her own notes to refer back to, and perhaps even share with her child for years to come as they remember their first forty weeks together. What a wonderful gift! Mothers will talk to their children for years to come. How important it is that she forms her messages well.

The most important message Deirdre teaches mothers is to tell their child, “God loves you!” “God knew you before He began knitting you in my womb!” “God has a purpose that is unique for only you and I am honored to be called to carry this for you until you are old enough to carry it with God yourself!” Wow! That’s such an important teaching! Deirdre teaches mothers to connect with their children by reading the devotion to them. From conception, mothers are led to connect and speak directly to their child. In a day when even well-meaning families put off connecting with prenatal children until closer to their birth or even not until after it, Deirdre brings reality to the fore.

Our children are alive long before we know them and we are being obedient and faithful when we receive and act on that immediately upon knowing of their conception. It is an anointed teaching. It only takes a few minutes a day and every mother will benefit from receiving and taking it to heart. Learning is a process and every new mother needs to know that. She needs to learn this process because teaching and learning will be at the heart of her relationship with her child.

By following this daily devotional, a new mother will settle in on a very good pattern for her and her child; daily time between her, her child, and our Father who leads us to refer to our children as He refers to us, “Child of Mine.” Suzanne Housewright-Cook, Founder of Miracle You Ministries, Azle, TX (


I must say I was truly blessed each morning while reading these daily prayer devotions to my unborn child. Many days I felt defeated during my pregnancy due to complications, but through these devotions and the scriptures that were attached, I know the Holy Spirit was speaking through them to me ensuring me that he had me and my unborn child in his hands. I would recommend every woman to pray these daily devotions over their unborn child because it is such an uplifting experience; and I know the Lord will bless you and your baby when you do so. Be blessed and encouraged! Vontisha W.

We liked the devotional because it gave us ideas as to what to pray for in addition to the given prayer. Having the devotionals coincide with what was going on with the baby developmentally made it feel personal. The prayers really spoke to what I was feeling and were not generic or cliché. The devotional included many topics and prayers that really allowed dad to get involved too. Reading and praying for our little one provided such a bond that he knew both of our voices before we ever met. Our little guy truly enjoyed the prayers; in fact, he was extremely active during devotional time! Thank you very much for sharing this gift with us. Joanne and Justin H.


Dear Child of Mine is an inspirational devotional that helps develop the bond between a woman and her child from the very beginning—conception. As a director for a crisis pregnancy center, I see firsthand the need for a woman to develop ties with her child, even before there are real indications that she is pregnant—especially if this is a “surprise” or “unplanned” pregnancy. God also understands the importance of teaching women to love their children (Titus 2:4).

The daily reading for the child and the daily prayer to God are a wonderful way to focus a mother’s thoughts on the miracle that God is forging inside her. She is encouraged to speak blessings over her child and to see her part in God’s plan for this new life that she has the privilege to carry.

The devotional lovingly brings out the weekly development of the baby and the pregnancy, but also gives focused prayer to the future emotional and spiritual needs of the child. The Bible verses for each entry are invaluable, as they will draw the parent’s attention to God’s truth and daily build their thinking on it. Thank you, Deirdre, for putting together such a warm, yet powerful book. It will be a blessing to many! Brenda Titus, Director of Hope Pregnancy Center, Copperas Cove, TX


Becoming a mother is scary; it's more the not knowing of what is to come, and all the life-changing events. What really helped me during my pregnancy is the daily devotion describing what was happening inside this belly of mine. The most magical significant experience for me was every day when I would receive the devotion, I would read it to my baby out loud, and she would start to move inside me! The very first one I read she moved, and then they turned into kicks of life! Our special bond started over these devotions, and will be kept dear to my heart forever. Nicole H.


Where was your devotional when I was pregnant with my three? I sure could have used some godly guidance in each new season of new life. God bless you, Deirdre. This devotional is a gem in the treasury of the Lord. Monica V.


“You will know the love of God, which puts to shame the love of man.” An immediate revelation came to me upon reading this, the first sentence I read of Dear Child of Mine. The love of God was the only explanation that would allow me again to carry life within my body. Prior to becoming pregnant with my daughter Leah, I had had two abortions. Deidre’s devotional made a way for me to release myself from the fear of miscarriage and allowed me to connect with my baby. Each day, the devotion gave me a spiritual insight to my child’s development with powerful prayer and scripture to go with it. I absolutely plan on reading Dear Child of Mine during all of my pregnancies. Amie P.


I received such joy reading through each stage of pregnancy and falling in love again each and every day with the Lord and all that He is doing. It is truly amazing to speak life, love, and blessings into the child in the womb. I wish I had this book during my own pregnancies, as it would have been so comforting and reassuring; but it still filled my heart with joy and gratitude. I highly recommend every mother read this devotional to her baby from the moment she finds out that she conceived, and that the father takes part. It touched me to a depth that I will never be the same after reading this. It took me to a place of pure excitement and gratitude and appreciation for the process in which the Lord creates life inside us. This book is blessed and anointed to reach and touch MANY lives and I thank God for the blessing and honor of being able to see that this came from the ashes he turned into beauty! Miraculous! Dana H.

Your book is amazing! To say there’s been one devotion that has captured my heart would be a lie. Most all have. It’s amazing to see my unborn baby through God’s eyes! I know it was He that gave you every word. I also know if women can get this book early in their pregnancy it will stop many abortions from taking place. This book may have started out to Mary, but God only used her as the inspiration. This book was written to many mothers and babies. GOOD JOB my dear friend. GOOD JOB! Kindra Warner, Author of Embracing the Lion’s Anointing


Thank you so much for this inspirational devotional. Since we began the devotional, we feel so connected to our baby. Our pregnancy has been a beautiful journey because of you! You are brilliant Deirdre, and truly a blessing to our family! We love you! Georgia & Sean D.


Deirdre paints such a beautiful picture of our heavenly Father and His love for us in Dear Child of Mine. As I read, I put a picture of my three sons near as a reminder of my experience with the miracle that is pregnancy. Mothers at any stage in life will be blessed by this devotional. Denise H.


I have been receiving these daily devotions throughout my entire pregnancy and I am at the very end now! This devotional has truly been a blessing for my baby and me! I have saved my favorite verses on my phone to refer back to during my journey as a Mommy. God has truly blessed me with these devotions and I am forever grateful. K’Lee


I was truly blessed by Dear Child of Mine when my daughter was pregnant. As a grandparent, to be able to speak a prayer over my grandchild as well as a prayer unto the Lord was truly a blessing. By praying these prayers over my grandson daily, I began to feel like I already had a relationship with him. Now he is a year old. He does not live near us; but through the power of prayer and this book, and the fact that there is no distance in the Spirit, I feel as close to him as if he lived here. This book has been such a blessing in my life, my daughter's life, and my grandchild's life. Deirdre writes in such an inspiring way that it truly is life giving. Jackie


What can I say about this devotional? I adore it. It’s something I would love to give to every young woman who passes through the doors of the pregnancy center. When a young lady comes in for a PT test, at the end of the appointment, we pass out a booklet, which is a very minimal week-by-week description of what development is taking place. What I love about your devotional is that this is a comprehensive educational tool as well. In our pregnancy classes every week, we show videos regarding development during the 1st, 2nd ,and 3rd trimesters and this devotional more than complements the curriculum.

 The opportunity here to teach about the baby’s development combined with precious conversations and scripture readings is beautiful. Many of our clients were saved as young children and have fallen away from God. I sincerely believe God will use this devotional to woo his princesses back to Him as well as provide the Gospel to the sweet young ladies who currently do not have a personal relationship with Jesus. Deirdre, I love that the Lord impressed you to take on this work—it will have a profound impact for the kingdom and I can’t wait to hear what future recipients say about it. Leslie Williams, Christian Counselor, Client Advocate, Resources for Women, Port Orange, FL

Having been a teenage single mom myself going through a crisis pregnancy, I connected right off the bat with this book and knew it would reach many! Because of being in fear mode at the age of eighteen with this pregnancy, I had an appointment scheduled at an abortion mill. Prior to this, I had suffered much dysfunction in my life and was a very broken young woman. From this despair, I struggled with drug use, alcohol, multiple sexual partners, and so forth. But I did continue with this teenage pregnancy, and I am so thankful I did; our lives are tremendously blessed because of our son. I could not imagine life without him!

 If I would have had this book years ago, while walking through this difficult journey, it would have spoken volumes to me, because it is so befriending and encouraging. In this book, the imagery of the descriptiveness of what is happening with these precious fast growing babies is made so clear, vivid, and simplistic. I did go on to marry my baby's father; we have two more children, and today we are passionately serving Jesus. Rev. Dawn Guevara, Founder of Purity Revelation Ministries, Inc., Phoenix, AZ