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Dear Child of Mine

Dear Child of Mine is a devotional that is meant to be read out loud to your baby.  Even before that tiny child's ears are physically able to hear sound, the spirit within is very alert and listening to what the Lord says and 'feeling' what Mom says or feels.  When Mom or Dad is reading a devotion out loud, they become peaceful within, and the baby is able to feel that peace too.  It may feel funny reading it out loud, but don't worry about that. Dozens of other women before you have done just that, and are glad they did. 

The book begins with a synopsis of what is happening from conception.  Then proceeding each new week is a synopsis of what developments are happening with the baby, and what the mom's body is going through.  The devotions and synopses begin at Week 6, Day 1 and continue through Week 41, Day 2, and finally, You Are Here!

Each day has beautiful words spoken to 'Dear Child of Mine'.  Each day speaks about something different, whether it is about the baby's growth or development, or something wonderful like snowflakes, sun showers, wind, or about God and wonderful He is. Every day the baby is told that they are wanted, loved, and that God loves them. The next section is the prayer, 'Dear Father God', which falls in line with the first paragraph, thanking Him for His compassion, strength, love, mercy, and grace.  It asks blessings on the child throughout the book for health, happiness, wisdom, compassion, etc..  Following that is a scripture that is in line with the above.  Lastly there are lines for the Mom, Dad, Grandparents to write how they are feeling about the scripture, the baby, the pregnancy, or whatever happens to be on their mind that day.


Who Should Have This Book?


Certainly Any Woman Who is Pregnant!  Whether it is gifted or she buys it for herself, the earlier she has it, the better!  The devotions begin at Week 6, and with modern technology many women know they are pregnant even long before that!  This book, especially for a first time Mom is something that will, in its own way, educate her on what to expect with the baby's development and her own changing body.


Husbands.  They are the Dads, the one this child will run to for protection and love.  Children look to their fathers for safety and compassion.  They want to know that he will take care of them no matter what happens.  The bond should start immediately upon learning of the pregnancy, after all, his is the next voice after Jesus' and the mom's that the baby will recognize.  When the father also reads to the child out loud, a special bond is created for him.  When he is aware of the things that are going on inside his wife, he is more likely to want to be more involved in the pregnancy.


Someone Thinking About Abortion.  If a woman who is considering abortion, this book, written with so much love, and inspired by the Holy Spirit, may perhaps let her see that even though she may not 'feel' anything different, or doesn't necessarily 'look' any different, there really is a human being inside of her. Knowing that God is with her during this time, and that she is already someone's Mom may make a difference.  I pray with all my heart that it would.


Grandmothers and Grandfathers*.  No one but God knows how long each of us will live.  The personal things that a grandparent would write to their unborn grandchild are things that will let their memory live long after they pass on.  God blessed me tremendously this past Thanksgiving.  We found out that Mary is expecting another child!  She was at eleven weeks when she told us.  My first copies of Dear Child of Mine had arrived from the publisher only days before.  So now, each day my husband, who is seventy, and I, who am sixty, are writing to our newest grandchild to be!  Whether or not we are still living and active when the baby is an adult, we are writing things in this book that would probably never come up in conversation.  I wrote the book and am so blessed by God's lovingkindness to be able to actually write in it!  It doesn't seem as though I wrote the book when I read each day's devotion.  It's like God somehow took me away from the authorship to just be a grandma!  I can't tell you how much that means to me. *please see below for update


Pregnancy Centers.  When a woman comes into a pregnancy center, they are already in the right place.  If they chose to go there instead of an abortion clinic, there is hope that help is available.  We have wonderful pregnancy centers in my local area, and all across the country. Dear Child of Mine is a must-have for women who are on the fence about whether or not to keep their child.  I truly hope that one day every woman in every pregnancy center is given a book. It will be an invaluable gift.


Maternity Homes.  Here we have women that have nowhere else to go, and they have chosen to keep the precious gift that God has given them.  Their lives are in a tailspin, and they have almost nothing. These homes, where they can get the help they need.  I know some maternity homes allow the women to stay for several weeks after having the baby, and they try to help them get jobs. I would love to see these homes provide the book for the residents.


Bookstores.  Church bookstores, hospital bookstores, any retail store that sells books, and mortar and brick bookstores should all carry this book. When looking for books for either yourself or as a gift to someone else, wherever that is, is where it should be sold.  Mortar and brick bookstores should look to see how much of a discount the publisher will offer them.


Embrace Grace Ministries.  This wonderful program that some churches have is dear to my heart. Originated at Gateway Church in Dallas, TX by Amy Ford, this ministry is helping girls in 155 churches in 37 states and two countries!  Their vision is for every girl with an unplanned pregnancy to have a church to go to for spiritual, emotional and physical support.  You can learn more about this wonderful ministry by going to Embrace Grace.


What's So Special About This Book?


It's An Heirloom!  This book is truly an heirloom that you would want to have.  While signing books one day, a very nice lady in her 40s stopped and asked me what the book was about.  I told her as she leafed through the pages.  When I told her that my husband and I are now writing in the book so our unborn grandchild will know who we are, she started to cry.  She shared with me that her mother died when she was nine years old.  Her father and brothers raised her.  She was an atheist until nine years ago.  Recently her own daughter asked her, "What was grandma like?"  She had nothing to tell her, she didn't remember. She said that if her own mom had a book like this when she was pregnant, she could have had a legacy, something so wonderful to look at whenever she missed her.  Nobody is pregnant, but she bought a book anyway, so that that will never happen to her children.


Where Can I Purchase A Book?


Dear Child of Mine, An Heirloom Devotional For The Unborn Baby is available in limited quantities right here in our store!  There is a limit of two (2) hard or soft cover books per order (or one each hard and soft). 


If you would like to purchase multiple copies, please do some from WestBow Press.  You can order yours by clicking here.  


I am a Retailer.  How do I Place a Book Order?  As a retailer, you can order books at a discounted price through WestBow Press. To gain retailer validation and order books at a discounted price, call 1.866.928.1240 and follow the prompts. A retail sales consultant will help you validate your retailer status and place your order(s).


Dear Child of Mine is also available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Be sure to read the reviews from pregnant women and directors of Pregnancy Centers and Maternity Homes who had access to this book before it was published.


* Update:  On 21 March 2016, my daughter's pregnancy ended when her placenta detached. My granddaughter was 28 weeks along, and entered heaven without taking a breath, despite the doctor's attempts.  As you read above, my husband and I were both writing in the book in case we were no longer alive when Morgan Elizabeth grew up.  As it sadly turned out, Morgan will never read those words of love and excitement. However, her parents have words to comfort them for decades down the road, a constant reminder that Morgan was loved and that she did indeed impact the lives of those around her.  We have joy that she is with the Lord and we will see her one day.Bottom of Form